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Learning Ultrasound in Critical Care (LUCC)

LUCC is a unique ultrasound teaching program. This is a program which runs over several weeks and includes a structured formative assessment process to help the trainee improve their ultrasound skills, and finally a summative assessment process that evaluates the trainee’s competency in point of care ultrasound (POCUS). The trainee can choose from any one or more of the following modalities - cardiac, lung, DVT, biliary and renal.

LUCC addresses the biggest challenge that a novice trainee faces when learning ultrasound, which is the lack of mentorship and guidance. In the past 5 years, several trainees have become competent at point of care ultrasound and obtained the CCPU in the process.

The program involves an initial hands-on session, after which the trainee must perform 10 POCUS scans in his/her chosen modality every fortnight, which is then followed by a formative assessment. This process of semi-supervised scans continues till the trainee reaches competency. A typical trainee takes approximately 30-60 POCUS scans to reach competency in one POCUS modality i.e., approximately 2-3 months.

Conditions include:

  • There is a fee, i.e., it is not free
  • There is a significant amount of time commitment - a minimum of 7-10 hours a week
  • Commitment to include at least 10 scans a fortnight
  • A couple of simple exams, including 60-90 POCUS scans performed by other trainees
  • Consent to include your scans in a research study
  • An expectation that you will train other trainees once you reach competancy


  • Unique opportunity for proctored ultrasound training
  • Endorsed by ASUM for the nationally-recognised certificate program (CCPU)

Contact person:

Dr Arvind Rajamani