Education Materials

Critical Care Ultrasound Manual

Critical Care Ultrasound Manual is a concise step-by-step guide on the assessment of ultrasounds. It trains critical care doctors in rapid assessment by cardiac echo (RACE) and focused assessment with sonography for trauma (FAST) ultrasound examinations.

This manual covers methods of assessment and pathologies as seen through the eyes of a sonographer.
The content is presented in a bullet-point, practical format, to enable the reader to work through it systematically when applying its principles in practice. The text is supported by line drawings and annotated ultrasounds, which demonstrate procedures.

Animated video clips of procedures assist the reader in comprehending the content covered in the manual.

This text is suitable for critical care doctors and assists their daily work with sonography.


Focus DVD box set

The FOCUS multimedia curriculum, volume 1 (8 hours on 6 DVDs) is composed of hundreds of high-quality, stunning 3-D animations, clips, graphics, clinical cases and more!

Full training curriculum on the use of bedside ultrasound to learn to perform a Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Study.

This multimedia curriculum is addressed to:

Health care providers working in various types of acute care environments (ICU, ER, cardiology, trauma bay, theatres etc) as well as those providers working in non-acute care settings but in which focused bedside cardiac evaluation can still be of invaluable help (medical or surgical wards, outpatient settings, remote areas etc). The content is pertinent for both adult and pediatric practitioners at both beginner and advanced levels.